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Parque Hundido (Sunken Park)
Colonia Del Valle and surroundings / Images of Colonia Del Valle / Other attractions

Neighborhood: Colonia Del Valle and surroundings
Address: Insurgentes Avenue corner Porfirio Díaz
Metrobus: Parque Hundido

Located on the important Insurgentes Avenue, the Luis G. Urbina Park, more commonly known by everyone as the Sunken Park, is one of the most famous parks in the city because of its unique topography and its countless attractions.

The history of the Parque Hundido (Sunken Park) dates back to the Porfirian era, when several species of trees were planted in the land once occupied by the Nochebuena Brick Company, eventually, this land became the Nochebuena Forest. Decades later, at the end of the 1930’s, after Insurgentes Avenue was paved and enlarged, the government decided to make the most of the beautiful setting of the Nochebuena Forest; a land of several levels which were the result of the brick operations in the area, to create a new park. Gardens, pathways and fountains were created so that the inhabitants of the area could enjoy this space, making it one of the classic places in town.

Later, in 1972, several reproductions of archeological pieces were placed in the park. These pieces were distributed among six routs: the Plateau, the Zapotec cultures, the Mayans, the Olmecs, the Totonacas and the Huastecas, through which we can appreciate the artistic mastery the prehispanic people achieved.

This beautiful park also holds one of Insurgentes Avenue’s urban landmarks, the Floral Clock; created by a prestigious watch company in Puebla, this clock is located in Dolores del Rio Plaza, at the end of a wide staircase surrounded by fountains and waterfalls, it is a homage to the great divas of national cinema. In another section of the park there is an audiorama in which, surrounded by exuberant vegetation, one can listen to classical music and poetry recitals. Continuing towards Porfirio Díaz Street, we run into the great equestrian statue of Vicente Guerrero, hero of the national Independence. 

Anyway, it’s essential to visit this magnificent park as it is a place where beauty, nature and artistic creations of the pre-Columbian civilizations come together to create a peaceful and quiet retreat in the middle of a big city.







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