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 Siqueiros Polyforum
Colonia Del Valle / Images of Colonia Del Valle / Other attractions

Neighborhood: Colonia Del Valle and surroundings
Address: Insurgentes Avenue corner Filadelfia
Metrobus: Polyforum

Consequence of the association between Manuel Suárez, a millionaire, and David Alfaro Siqueiros, one of the main Mexican artists of the 20th Century, this magnificent cultural building constitutes the master piece of the world renowned Mexican muralist.

The Siqueiros Cultural Polyforum arose as an idea of Manuel Suárez, an important entrepreneur who was interested in creating, in the place where the ‘De la Lama’ Park was previously located, an urban centre that included a great tourism hotel, convention halls and a cultural centre that would become one of the greatest tourist attractions in Mexico City. For this, he invited the renowned muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros to work on the project of the cultural centre; he designed a singular building shaped as a dodecahedron, which would be entirely covered by murals, making the building participate as a part of the plastic whole, and which would be large enough for theatrical representations, event forums and rooms for artistic exhibitions.

Inside this magnificent building we can find the majestic mural “The March of Humanity”, also known as “Siqueiros’ Chapel”, which is the largest in the world. It is located on the top floor of the building in an elliptical forum in which all the walls are covered with different images and symbols that tell us about the evolution of humanity; from its creation to modern times and even a glimpse into the future. In this place, one feels immersed in the mural as it’s also composed by large figures in relief which, together with the lighting, give the mural a three-dimensional aspect. The mural is actually endless as its different parts follow a vital cycle, of death and rebirth, of construction and life.   

On Saturdays and Sundays, an excellent light and sound show is presented in this place, in which the significance of the mural is explained detail by detail and certain anecdotes are told about the Polyforum which make us revalue this great artistic treasure, in which great theatrical performances are presented throughout the year, as well as several temporary exhibitions. The Siqueiros Cultural Polyforum is located on Insurgentes Avenue and Filadelfia, inside the World Trade Centre complex.
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