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Post Office Palace

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Neighborhood: Historical Centre
Address: Tacuba St. corner Eje Central Av.
Metro: Bellas Artes
Opened: Every day from 10 to 18 hrs.

Golden jewel of the Historical Centre of Mexico City, the Post Office Palace (Palacio de Correos) is one the most brilliant examples of the eclectic architecture of the the first years of the XXth Century in the city.


The history of this emblematic building began at the end of the XIXth century when Porfirio Diaz,  the president of Mexico at that time entrusted the project of a new post office building to the Italian architect Adamo Boari and to the Mexican engineer Gonzalo Garita y Frontera. The new building must have all the advances of that time that allow to maintain an appropriate service to face the fast growing commerce relations of Mexico with the foreign al also to fulfill the national needs of communication.


The architect designed two glass covered courtyards, one for the administration offices, and other for the reception and delivering of packages. For the construction was used a Chicago type laying foundations which consists in a steel beams graticule on wich the upper metallic structure stands. The construction of the building began on September 14th 1902 and it took five years to be completed until its inauguration in 1907.

The architecture of Post Office Palace is characterized by the harmonious and elegant fusion of different styles. Its exterior façade, built with yellow quarry stone, presents gothic, venetian and plateresque  elements of wich specially highlights the corner in pan coupe ended up with a beautiful clock and a delicate crenellation that bring us to mind the Dodge’s Palace in Venice. Another interesting fact about its exterior area are its bronze lamps with dragons and gargoyles inspired in mythological beings that invite us to decipher the personages of a stone fantastic world. At the interior the surprise is even bigger, is the entrance to a kingdom of reflects and golden colors with fine ceiling and metal details.

Al interior la sorpresa es mayor, es la entrada a un reino de tonos dorados, de reflejos y finos detalles en techos y herrerías, emphasizing particularly the central stairways in the middle of a rich ornamented courtyard.

Inside this building you can visit a small museum dedicated to the evolution of the post service in Mexico and in the world.  Also, on weekends, chamber orchestras play in the lobby and in special ocassions the halls of the palace host conferences and events.















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