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Colonia Del Valle
Images of Colonia Del Valle / Zones of Mexico City


The Del Valle district is one of the nicest, most centric areas in the city. It’s located on Insurgentes Avenue and it is known for its many parks, its wide, tree-strewn streets, its prestigious shopping malls and for having some of the city’s symbols like the Temple of Mary’s Purest Heart, the Mexicana Tower, the World Trade Centre and the Polyforum Siqueiros.

The origins of this district go back to the prehispanic era, with the settlement of the population of Mixcoac and later on, during the colonial era, with the construction of the Temple of San Lorenzo, one of the first Spanish constructions in the city, located half a block away from Insurgentes Avenue. Later on, in the time of Porfirio Díaz, avenues started being traced, and the famous “Hundido Park” was created in the unleveled lands that were previously used as sand mines. In the last quarter of the 20th Century, this district experienced an intense development with the construction of apartment buildings, shopping malls, and cultural centers. This, together with the district’s centric location and green areas have led this area to become one of the most appreciated in the city over the last few years.

One of the great attractions of this area is Insurgentes Avenue, one of the most important in the city; parks, plazas, monuments, shopping centers and restaurants in which world-wide gastronomy can be enjoyed, are some of the things you can find along it. The World Trade Centre is located on this Avenue, a great urban example which includes offices, a department store, an exhibition centre, two hotels and the renown Cultural Polyforum Siqueiros, an interesting diamond-shaped building on which faces murals of the outstanding Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros are displayed, and which houses in its interior the largest mural in the world, entitled “The March of Humanity”, apart from a theatre and diverse art exhibitions.

Worth mentioning are also the more than ten parks that can be found in the area, of which the Hundido Park, the Tlacoquemécatl Park, the Mariscal Sucre Park, and the San Lorenzo Park (which houses the temple of the same name) stand out.

Attractions in the area:

-          Polyforum Siqueiros

-          Hundido Park

-         Temple of San Lorenzo

-          Temple of Mary’s Purest Heart

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