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Coyoacan is one of the areas of the city in which the colonial legacy can really be appreciated; some decades ago it used to be located on the outskirts of the city and it is now located entirely in it, but it still conserves its traditional Mexican character, which in addition to its beautiful plazas, streets and houses, has attracted a great number of artists, and has given it a pleasant intellectual atmosphere.

Coyoacan has its origins in the prehispanic era in which it constituted a population located south of one of the lakes which in that era covered great part of the Valley of México, but it obtained more importance a little after the fall of Tenochtitlán, because as this area was reconstructed to make place for what is known today as the Historical Centre, the capital of the New Spain was established in Coyoacan. With the passing years, Coyoacan became a weekend getaway for the richest families of the time, and it wasn’t until well into the 20th Century when Coyoacan left its agricultural calling as it was totally swallowed up by the city, becoming one of the most typical neighborhoods in México.

It’s a delight to spend a day in Coyoacan; one can feel the quietness that the area still conserves while walking through streets like Francisco Sosa, see its colourful houses, its coffee houses in which people discuss the most recent literary novelty or a recent art exhibit, its numerous cultural centres and everything else that makes this area a delicious weekend getaway.

Francisco Sosa street leads to the heart of the whole Coyoacan area, in which the Hidalgo Garden and Coyoacan’s Zócalo can be found, as can be the old city council and the cathedral, which interiors are a sample of México’s baroque splendor. Numerous restaurants with outdoor terraces, bookshops, boutiques, and definitely, a lot of different coffee houses are also a part of the experience.

Anyway, listing all the interesting features of this area would be an impossible task, as it holds thousands of possibilities for all styles and age groups, though the traditional Christmas bazaar is worth a mention; it takes place in the Market and in it you can acquire everything you need for a dreamy holiday decoration or simply to appreciate the beautiful local crafts and the smell of the Christmas trees.

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