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The Narvarte Neighbourhood is a middle-class district located in the central – southern area of Mexico City, enclosed to the north by the Miguel Alemán Viaduct, to the east by the Eje Central, to the south by Emiliano Zapata Avenue and to the west by Universidad and Cuauhtemoc Avenues.

This area was originated when, in the 1940's, the lands of the Narvarte Hacienda, located near Río de la Piedad, now Miguel Alemán Viaduct, were divided into smaller plots that would later be built up into houses. From the moment of its establishment, the Narvarte Neighbourhood presented in its urban layout a few characteristics which make it recognizable to this day, like its streets placed in a north-south orthogonal grid which is cut through by diagonal boulevards lined with functionalist and stream-line style buildings, a lot of which are decorated with different colour tiles and house small outbuildings on their ground floors, which give life to the area.

It was in the mid-50's when the Secretary of Communications and Transport's Tower was built to the eastern limit of the Narvarte Neighbourhood, an emblem of modernity and postrevolutionary nationalism, its outside walls covered by Juan O'Gorman's brilliant murals, an architect who also designed the Main Library of the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico). A few feet away from the Tower, at the crossing of Universidad and Vértiz y Cumbres de Maltrata avenues, there's the Secretary of Communications and Public Works' roundabout, one of the area's landmarks which has a beautiful fountain in the middle of a garden.

A place of special interest in the area is the Temple of the Miraculous Medal, on Matías Romero street, one of the most progressive projects of the mid-20th Century, thanks to the beauty of its spaces created by means of a hyperbolic paraboloid made of concrete which represented a technological breakthrough at the time, a reflection of its designer's genius, the recognized architect Félix Candela.

Over the last few years the Narvarte Neighbourhood, along with the surrounding areas, has witnessed a large growth in terms of the number of new buildings that have been constructed, the most outstanding being the Parque Delta Mall, which has a department store, a supermarket, a cinema and a great variety of shops, and which was established on the grounds of what previously was the Seguro Social Baseball Park.  Mexico, D.F. 2008. All rights reserved.