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San Angel
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The area of San Angel conserves a traditional Mexican atmosphere in which the old houses, small plazas and gardens can take us back, still in our time, to its times of splendor, times in which it served as a getaway place for the elite society of the porfirian era.

San Angel has its origins in the colonial era, when the Convent of el Carmen which stood in a great plot of land that extended approximately from what today is Insurgentes Avenue to the Temple of San Jacinto, was founded. Said convent included huge orchards that supplied it with food, and together with the friars’ hard work, provided the order with great wealth, which was used to construct beautiful religious buildings that still stand today.

Later on, in the time of Porfirio Díaz, some of the wealthiest families in the city bought some of the plots of land in this area so as to build country villages, in a place which, in that time, was a long way away from the city. This is why the San Angel area has a great number of elegant houses and buildings, constructed in a style that combined the French tendencies of the time with the traditional Mexican architecture. With the passing years, and in a similar way as occurred in Coyoacán, San Angel became incorporated to the city, but it greatly conserved its customs and traditions in surroundings that still have a certain provincial atmosphere.

In San Angel we can find a great number of interesting things; from the beautiful architecture of its temples and houses, to delighting us with the quietness of its streets and gardens, and introducing us to Mexican culture in one of its renown cultural centres like the El Risco House, which houses among its many treasures a beautiful fountain that combines, in an exuberant manner, the characteristic elements of the oriental cultures with some of the most typically Mexican ones.
Another great feature in the area is the Saturday Bazaar, in which you can buy a great variety of local crafts and works of art in an environment of colourful splendor.  The area also has a lot to offer gastronomically speaking, especially in San Jacinto Plaza, where we can find beautiful terraces with tables out in the open where the most select Mexican and international meals are served. It is advisable to explore the San Angel area by foot, this way you can discover its most beautiful alleys and small streets, apart from discovering new plazas and gardens with each step.

Places of interest in the area:


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